Kariong’s choice for Used Cars

In the 2011 census, just shy of 71% of Kariong residents commuted to work with a car. In a region as spread out as the Central Coast, clearly, your ride plays a very intrinsic part of your daily life.

And it is more than just a pleasant spot in which to sit. Your car should be enjoyable, it should suit you. It should give you a bit of a thrill, a bit of a jolt, when you see it. As an extension of your hands and feet, and the provider of an experience you have each morning and evening, a car is more than the sum of its parts.

At Approved Used Cars in Kariong, we know the feeling that comes with seeing your next automotive fixation. Cars are expensive nowadays, but they don’t necessarily have to be: with advances in build, and the proper maintenance and know-how, a good set of wheels can last for a decade.

That is where we come in at Approved Used Cars. When you are ready to make the most of your time in your car, we may just have the ride for you.

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Kariong sits north of Sydney, astride one of the finest drives in New South Wales, the Pacific Coast highway. As one of the urban centres of the peri-urban central coast region, Kariong is known as an education centre and for its tourism appeal during the high season.

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