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Used Cars in the Central Coast and Import Tariffs

The costs of a new car can be prohibitive, especially for a first-time buyer. This typically cancels out the purchase of a brand new car from the lot, and consequently there is a strong market for used cars in Central Coast.

Recently, buyers have noticed a discrepancy between the domestic price of used cars, and that from abroad, especially New Zealand, particularly in the upscale market. Many have taken note of the fact that the market price can be as much as 50% more expensive in Australia than New Zealand. This has been attributed to the deregulated market for used cars in New Zealand, where imports must contend with far less red tape.

This has led to calls in the press to join the kiwis and deregulate our import industry. Currently, no used cars maybe imported to Central Coast if they require recall work, for fear of foreign lemons finding their way to Australian shores. However, a reliable auction system has worked well in New Zealand, and Senator Ricky Muir called car industry claims of Japanese Yakuza involvement and radioactivity issues ‘outrageous’.

Until pressure is brought on the powers that be, the $12 000 import tariff will be passed on to the consumer looking for used cars in Central Coast, to the benefit of car dealerships, and the detriment of consumers.


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